Is it possible to go swimming with stoma?

Of course - and it is even advisable!
However, the skin around the stoma should not be inflamed as you go into the water.
Swimming strengthens the muscles and thus also the abdominal muscles.


What requirements does my stoma care have to fulfill in order to go swimming

The supply must be impermeable, tight and secure. Tools such as plaster strips,
swimming belts or bandages provide additional support. They should be
inconspicuous and aesthetic.
Mini bags, stoma caps and opaque bag films help to achieve this.
For example, our stoma bandage can also be taken as an extension of stoma
swimwear or worn separately. For example, while having a sauna or enjoying
naturism, without the appearance of a "medical" bandage.


Are pockets sewn onto stoma swimsuits and tankinis?

Generally, there are no pockets. When worn in the water, they can easily become
noticeable and then appear more conspicuous. The swimsuit Marina has an
integrated functional pocket. The Stoma bikini pants are high waist and have a
pocket for the stoma pouches.


Is there a stoma diet?

There is no special diet. Whether one must expect restrictions in ones diet after
intestinal surgery, can not be predicted beforehand. However, one can control a lot by
a special diet. Ones own eating behaviour has effects on the air in the intestine. Eat
slowly and chew, chew and chew again. The better the food is ground, the easier the
way through the intestine. Even less air is absorbed by swallowing. Take your time
and enjoy the food.


Can others smell my stoma?

No, they can’t. At most, when changing or emptying the bag it may smell. Modern
ostomy bags have an activated carbon filter that restrains odors and intestinal gases.
Some foods affect the odor when changing and emptying the bag. For example,
legumes, cabbage, onion and garlic, meat, fish, eggs and mushrooms. Others have
an odor-inhibiting effect such as parsley, lettuce or blueberries.


What to do against unpleasant odors?

Sometimes, however, the very severe odor of the egesta can be a problem. What is
less disturbing in your own bathroom, you would like to avoid when visiting friends or
in a restaurant.
Available as a spray and as drops, StomOdor® prevents unpleasant odors when
changing the bag, when venting and when leaking. The 100% natural product
StomOdor® neutralizes odors directly at the source without superposing them only.


How do I avoid noise?

Especially with a colostomy, air outlets can sometimes be quite loud. Many take that
easy, as with the filter in the stoma pouches it does not smell in an unpleasant way.
Others, however, are embarrassed by the unwanted air outlets, especially in public.
By avoiding flatulent foods such as cabbage, leeks and legumes and carbonated
drinks such as coke and beer, the air outlets can be reduced. However, they can not
be completely avoided. To minimize intestinal noises, our colostomy closures are
suitable. Depending on the nature of the colostomy, there are caps available in
cylinder and piston shape made of skin-friendly silicone.